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Playa Giron or Giron beach is a white sand beach and village on the east bank of the Bahia de Cochinos or Bay of Pigs. This previously unknown sleepy village shot to notoriety in 1961 because of the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. Today life at Playa Giron is laid back, with little recollection of the ill-fated battle that took place. However, a museum was erected to remember Cuba’s fallen heroes and is extremely popular with both United States and international citizens who can remember the news reports and battle first-hand.

Playa Giron Museum

Beyond the infamy of the battle site, Playa Giron is a beautiful beach resort offering numerous nautical activities such as; diving, snorkeling and catamaran sailing. The laid back Giron village is one of Cuba’s most authentic little towns. The townsfolk have been at the center of attention since 1961, whether in the news or receiving visitors, the people of Giron are both hospitable and helpful.

Playa larga Giron

Since the liberation of Cuba’s self employment sector in 2012 there have been a number of excellent paladar restaurants opening in the area. It makes Playa Giron either a nice place to stopover for lunch on the beach or a place to stay without a hotel meal plan. Quite literally, the restaurant options available here since early 2013 mean that you could eat-out each night, and at a different paladar, without too much problem. Eating freshly caught lobster or a Cuban Shrimp Enchilada is as easy as sitting down at one of the amazing beach front private restaurants and perusing the menu.

Staying at Playa Giron also got much easier. Now with over 20 Casa Particulares in Playa Giron, many right on the beach, finding an authentic place to stay is extremely easy. Or, why not check out our selection of all Hotels in the Playa Giron area.

We hope that you decide to visit Playa Giron this year!

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